Safety First

When was the last time your dive staff refreshed their EFR skills? Do the boat crew know how to use the oxygen kit, resuscitate a patient or simply stem bleeding? Regardless of all possible precautions, accidents can occur on a dive trip or on land, from minor injuries like a simple cut to critical situations such as choking on food or life threatening accidents during diving. As certified Emergency First Response and Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructors we train and update your staff with the necessary skills to respond appropriately or even save lives.

Superior Dive Experience

It´s obvious your guides know how to dive the spectacular spots in our region. Some of your guests, however, might be fresh open water divers, have never dived in a current, come close to sharks or have tried night dives. By certifying your dive guides as PADI Specialists we equip them with the knowledge to give better briefings and pre-empt any stress that your guests might experience, thereby enhancing safety and fun during the dives. A specialty diver course takes only one day - a small but powerful investment in your differentiation.

New Adventures and Incentives

There is no doubt: higher qualified staff creates happier guests. As PADI Freedivers your guides increase the quality of your snorkelling tours. An UW-photo/video specialty course allows you to improve the visual documentation of a dive trip and sell an unforgettable photo/video memory to your guests. 

Your guides get cold in winter ? Why not try dry suit diving? Our PADI specialties provide additional business options for you. You can also use them as an incentive for your valued staff. 

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