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PADI Dive Courses

Have you ever dreamt about diving with manta rays or observing the abundance of life on a reef? Give it a try with our Intro Dives. As a diver wanting to expand your skills choose from the range of our PADI courses and specialties or take the challenge to become a PADI Pro. Experience the silence and tranquility without scuba gear as a PADI Freediver. Now is the time to start and upgrade your dive adventure. Courses available in English, German, French, Fijian.

Colourful Rainbow Reef
Dive Adventures

From meditative reef dives to adrenaline-filled drift adventures. With max four guests on the boat, you safely explore the world capital of soft corals with regular sightings of manta rays, sharks, other pelagic fish, an abundance of macro life and our specials like Manta Reef, Eagle Rock or Mystic Garden. We chose the dive sites according to your bucket list, experience and local conditions. Our flexibility allows to dive the Great White Wall almost daily. Of course you can also snorkel with us.

Jone Waitaiti Freediving

It's not about records and ultimate depths - but about complete sync of body and mind. In only 2 days you become a certified PADI Freediver. Jone is the first Fijian PADI Freediving Instructor, practiced since his childhood and built a Freediving community in Frankfurt/Germany. He teaches you to relax, listen to your body and improve your techniques to enhance the time you comfortably spend under water with just one breath. 

Diving for Children

Don´t hesitate to bring your kids along. The PADI Bubblemaker program safely introduces children as of 8 years into the world of scuba diving under the supervision of a PADI Pro in a depth shallower than 2m/6ft. With 10 years they can become a PADI Junior Open Water Diver. We also organise birthday parties - it´s great fun and an experience that they will never forget. Your kids use our professional dive gear especially suited for children.