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Rainbow Reef Coral Farm

The MPA at Tivi Island can only be explored with a local guide - please contact Dive Academy Fiji

Join & Support our Coral Farm in Viani Bay

  • Take a guided tour and join in planting or maintaining the nurseries: 30 FJD

  • Buy a Rainbow Reef Coral Farm T-Shirt: 30 FJD 
    (limited availability of shirts provided by one of our donors)

  • Fees are used for further investment;
    all direct cost are covered by Dive Academy Fiji

  • To protect the reefs please

    • avoid breaking corals 

    • use reef-protective sunscreen

    • do not through any rubbish in the ocean

    • bring organic waste to the local pigs

    • we take your rubbish bags to Taveuni for 10 FJD/ bag

Viani Bay is a sheltered area a few boat minutes from the world-famous Rainbow Reef. It is also a nursery for marine life. As the bay does not have street access and not every family in the bay owns a boat, the fish in the bay is a vital part of the food. Periods of coral bleaching and over-fishing due to lack of knowledge about sustainable practices led to a damage of the reefs and consequently the amount of fish in the bay. 

Dive Academy Fiji initiated a coral restoration project with the full support of the local community who made Tivi Island in Viani Bay a tabu area (local MPA) in August 2019. Together with local volunteers we have started to plant corals and will transplant them around the bay. 

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