Coral Farming in Viani Bay

Viani Bay is a very sheltered area just a few boat minutes from the dive sites at the world-famous Rainbow Reef. It is also a nursery for the marine life in the area. As the bay does not have any street access and not every family living in the bay possesses a boat, the fish in the bay is also a vital part of the local food.

Several periods of coral bleaching and over-fishing due to little knowledge about sustainable practices led to a severe damage of the reefs and consequently the amount of fish in the bay. This has negative effects for the local community who needs the fish as part of their food and a longer-term effect for the marine life at Rainbow Reef.

Dive Academy Fiji initiated a coral restoration project with the full support of the local community who made Tivi Island in Viani Bay a tabu area for fishing. There is a shallow area with healthy corals, sheltered from currents and waves that is the ideal coral nursery. 

Together with local volunteers we have started to plant corals and will transplant them around the bay. 

Dive Academy Guests are invited to join our coral farming initiate and become ocean gardeners.