PADI Speciality Courses

The Great Whie Wall
PADI Deep Diver

We believe the Great White Wall is most impressive at a depth of about 35 meters. With the right timing you can get this perfect wide angle view of the white soft corals covering the wall from 20 meters deep down to 60 meters. To do this safely here and on other spots around the world that are just a bit deeper, expand your limits with the Deep Dive Speciality course that qualifies you to dive to a depth of 40 meters.

680 FJD, 4 dives on the Rainbow Reef; eLearning to be purchased directly from PADI, using store code 26705

Clownfish White Wall

340 FJD, 2 dives on the Rainbow Reef; eLearning to be purchased directly from PADI, using store code 26705

PADI Drift Diver  

Drift diving can be relaxing and exhilarating. The course teaches you how to enjoy going with the flow as you scuba dive down rivers and use ocean currents to glide along. At Dive Academy Fiji we also show you how to use a current hook to safely enjoy the action around you while not harming the reef.

Clown Fish Rainbow Reef
PADI Digital Underwater Photography

Do you want to share your underwater experience with non-divers or just capture the moments for yourself? This course takes you through the basics of underwater photography: light and colours, composition and handling of your camera.

Take the theory already upfront with PADI eLearning.

680 FJD, 4 dives on the Rainbow Reef; eLearning to be purchased directly from PADI, using store code 26705

PADI Dry Suit Diver

Fed up with freezing during or after your dives? Take a course with Jone, probably the only Fijian Dry Suit Instructor. The dry suit allows for wearing warm undergarment, provides an extra insulation layer of air and keeps you dry, so no freezing on the surface when you get out of your suit. As a dry suit diver there is a whole new world for you to discover in non-tropical waters.

Course Fee 340 FJD, includes 2 dives, use of dry suit (if size available), excluding eLearning

Jone Waitaiti Dry Suit Instrutor
EFR Course
Emergency First Response Primary & Sec​ondary Care, 

Regardless of all possible precautions, accidents can occur on a dive trip or on land, from minor injuries like a simple cut to critical situations such as choking on food or life threatening accidents. As certified Emergency First Response and Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructors we train you with the necessary skills to respond appropriately or even save lives. Course also covers CPR and AED training.

Course Fee 250 FJD, valid for 2 years for PADI Pro Status

excluding PADI eLearning and certification fee

Oxygen Kit
Emergency Oxygen Provider

Knowing how and when to use emergency oxygen is a great skill to have and means you’re ready to help others should the need arise. Becoming a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider lets you breathe easy knowing that you can recognize scuba diving illnesses treatable with emergency oxygen, and are prepared to offer aid.

There are no prerequisites for this course and it´s useful also for non-divers.

Course Fee 390 FJD, includes student material and certification fee

Jone Waitaiti Freediving Instructor

It's not about records and ultimate depths - but about complete sync of body and mind. In 2 days you become a certified PADI Freediver. Jone is the first Fijian PADI Freediving Instructor, practiced since his childhood and built a Freediving community in Frankfurt/Germany. He teaches you to relax and improve your techniques to expand the time you comfortably spend under water with just one breath.

PADI Freeediver 490 FJD, incl eLearning &certification fee

Advanced Freediver 390 FJD

Night Dive Rainbow Reef
PADI Night Diver 

Same site - completely different experience. At night day creatures retire and nocturnal animals emerge: eels swim freely, lobsters and crabs come out of their holes. It´s fascinating to see a whole new world and lush of colours enlightend by your dive torch. This course prepares you for the additional safety required and takes you to your very first night experience

Course Fee 490 FJD, includes 2 dives Rainbow Reef, 1 shore dive, torch,  excluding eLearning & certification fee

Nitrox Course
NITROX (Enriched Air Nitrox)

You want to get longer no decompression times especially on repetitive dives? With Enriched Air Nitrox, your tank contains more oxygen and less nitrogen, thus extending your no-stop time or allowing to get back down earlier. In this course you learn about the benefits, precautions and requirements for using Nitrox. 

Course Fee 250 FJD, excluding student material and certification fee, no dives required for certification

Marina Walser - Swimthrough
Peak Performance Buoyancy 

Buoyancy is the key to relaxed, stress-free diving. At the beginning of your dive career you might struggle with getting it right, especially when you dive under different conditions using different conditions. After this course you will have the feeling of being in control as you have learned how to master your buoyancy by optimising your trim, regulating the air in your BCD and fine-tune with your breathing.

200 FJD, 2 shore dives, eLearning to be purchased directly from PADI, using store code 26705

Shark Dives at Rainbow Reef - no feeding
Project Aware Shark Conservation

In Fiji we are lucky to frequently see different species of sharks during our dives. Sharks are pivotal for the health of our oceans - and thus for us. Yet, they are endangered. Become an ambassador for sharks. Understand the threats they are facing and how you can contribute to their protection. More information also at

340 FJD, 2 boat dives on the Rainbow Reef, including eLearning

Discover Scuba Diving

When snorkelling is not enough. You always wanted to explore the underwater world, but don´t have the time for a course or are not sure if it is really the right activity for you? Give it a try. After some acquaintance with the scuba gear in the shallow water on our calm beach, we take you to a discovery dive at Rainbow Reef. We know about potential anxieties and help you to overcome these and safely enjoy your intro dive.

colourful Rainbow Reef

DSD Fee 290 FJD including equipment, introduction on on our shore and a real dive on the Rainbow Reef.

Viani Bay Beach

You haven't been in the water for more than 6 months? Maybe you did your certification years ago, or bought new equipment? Take a refresher or the full PADI ReActivate program and you are well prepared for your dives on the Rainbow Reef. You don´t need to invest an additional dive day. We run the program with you on our beach and take you diving straight afterwards.

ReActivate 100 FJD shore dive only / 290 FJD shore + boat; eLearning to be purchased directly from PADI