To the Next Level with Dive Academy Fiji - Scholarship Program
PADI Freediver Course - Dive Academy Fiji - Jone Waitaiti
To the Next Level

We offer various levels of scholarships for locals who want to become PADI Professionals and pursue a career in diving. We teach the students without charging for our time as instructors, using our high quality dive equipment and provide additional benefits and flexible payment models. The students are not bound to work for us after their scholarship. They are free to work for any dive operation worldwide. 


Students who qualify for our program benefit from a highly professional and in-depth dive education from beginner to PADI Assistant Instructor at Dive Academy Fiji. On top they can choose from a broad variety of PADI Specialty courses including PADI Freediving, Emergency First Response and Emergency Oxygen Provider. They also learn about all the background processes in a dive center.

How you can support

Many locals do not have any source of income to fund their education. Even when qualifying for the scholarship program, they still have to pay for the PADI Student Material and Certification Fees. Especially the Divemaster and Instructor programs are a financial challenge for the students. 

You can make a big difference ! You can sponsor a local student by paying for all or part of their education and their PADI material. We still co-sponsor by not charging for our time and equipment usage. Our PADI Dive Master candidates get the required number of dives under their belt without additional charge. 

Dive with us - and be part of the Movement

With your dive bookings, you automatically support our scholarship program:
We dedicate a small amount of every booking to fund some thus being able to accept more students in our program.

Further Social Engagement

We provide free of charge First Aid workshops to the communities in our bay and are registered as volunteer teachers at Ucunivatu Primary School, where we teach about marine conservation and protection of the environment. ​

We also take locals to Discovery Dives: Most Fijians can swim and freedive for fishing, but the exploration of the underwater world with a scuba tank provides a new perspective. In combination with information about the prestigious marine life in front of their doorstep, we start a grass root initiative to make them ambassadors for their reefs.