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Safety and Equipment

Dive Equipmen - top notch

We invested in your comfort and safety. Students and guest enjoy diving with our brand new equipment including dive computers from premium equipment manufacturers. You dive with weight integrated BCDs and dive computers.

We also provide equipment for children and Freediving equipment. 

All our dive gear is serviced regularly. Of course you can also bring your own equipment. For your convenience we provide both DIN and INT tanks.

Let´s go diving

Your dive gear is safely stored on the boat. Hop in. After a few minutes we arrive with max 4 guests at the stunning dives sites of the Rainbow Reef. With our comfortable ladder you easily get back in and enjoy your surface interval at our beach with snacks, fresh fruits, tea/coffee.

Our boat is equipped with a full safety package, incl.  Emergency Oxygen. Our staff are trained in Emergency First Response and the use of Emergency Oxygen.

Dive Safety Equipment

Your safety comes first. As certified Emergency First Response and Oxygen Provider Instructors we have trained our staff for the case of emergency.  Computer and SMB are part of your standard equipment. Our dives are conducted conservatively, according to PADI standards and the divers' skill levels. We nevertheless recommend a dive insurance covering emergency evacuation.

To conveniently and safely enjoy the action without harming the reef we train you in the use of current hooks for the use on some spots with stronger current.

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